Never twice the same spoon.

Each piece of wood, with its particularities,combined with different moments and emotions when carving result in unique pieces. Each of them tells a different story, gives a different feeling and belongs to a unique you. Contact us to share your ideas and envies, so we can make them come true!



Wood & oil. It's all it is.

The pieces of wood we use to carve come
from trees already damaged or wood donations. No extra harm done.
The wood is fed with a food grade linseed oil and wood loves food. So do you, isn't it?



The soft & smooth feeling of wood.

Our goal is that you want to eat with nothing but your Kulero spoon, and to drink with nothing but your Kulero mug. All we need is a sharp knife and your ideas. There you go, the wood is smooth in mouth, the grip good for the hand and the love for your spoon deep like its bowl.